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How to Trade Forex

Here we will look at how to trade Forex online and while there is no single best way, there are a number of tips we can give you which will allow you, to get the odds on your side and win. Lets look at how to trade Forex on the internet in more detail.

With the rise in Internet, we have seen a rise in the number of speculators who want to trade the market and with a minimum investment of a hundred dollars or so the rise in the number of retail traders has soared. In response to this, there has also been a huge rise in get rich quick products which take advantage of naïve traders which if you use them will see you lose.

How Not to Trade Forex!

- Don't buy or consider any of the following Forex trading strategies

- Any Cheap Forex Robot or Expert Advisor which promises huge gains with low risk and costs under $200.00.

- Any Forex trading system which claims to predict market tops and bottom in advance.

- Any Forex trading System which claims it can give you a regular guaranteed income each month.

The above are common claims on the Internet by vendors, selling get rich quick schemes and of course they don't work.

You don't make money without making any effort in a market where 95% of all traders lose money. Furthermore, the markets cannot be predicted and this should be obvious to anyone because if they could, we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market.

Other key mistakes traders make is using Forex trading information in the wrong way and the best example is - traders who listen to and believe, so called expert opinion and try and trade the news. If you could make money trading the news, then a lot more traders would win and they don't – 95% of traders lose money! Forex prices don't move to the facts alone, they move to traders perception of the facts and this is why, bull markets collapse when the market is most bullish and markets rally when the news is at it's most bearish.

How to be a Winner

To achieve Forex trading success we would consider the best way to trade Forex as based upon the following points:

Use Forex Charts

You should use a Forex charts and simply trade Price action. The Forex charts not only reflect all the known fundamentals, they also reflect how traders perceive them, so you are seeing the reality of price action as it is with no opinions.

Keep Your System Simple

If you use Forex charts don't try and be make your system to complex because if your system is to clever and complicated it will fail in real time trading. This is because, a complex system will simply have to many elements to break.

Trade the Truth – Trade the Reality of Price Change

You should Never try and predict where Forex prices may go or try and pick tops and bottoms in advance. You should only trade the reality of price action, after a market turn has been confirmed and two good ways of doing this are by trading breakouts to new highs and lows and trading divergences between momentum and price on your charts.

Trade Long Term Trends

The high odds trades can be found when you swing trade the market taking moves that last between a day and around a week and in long term trend following, where you trade for weeks or months. Avoid day trading and scalping systems which trade intra day moves, all you will be doing is trading the noise of the markets and this means you will lose.

Keep An Eye on Sentiment

If you want to win at Forex trading you need to be able to judge if markets are overbought or oversold it and two tools you can use are:

The free CFTC Net Traders positions and % Bullish by Market Vane.

These two services, will tell you if prices have been pushed to far by greed or fear and alert you, to possible changes in market direction.

Its also a good idea to look at the news from a contrary point of view, as the news reflects the view of the losing majority. Always ask yourself the question - have the long term fundamentals changed and is the news seeing this? While prices move short term to greed and fear, long term they do move to the long term fundamentals so if they change and prices are still rising,  greed is blinding the majority so be aware of a trend change.

Forex Success and You

There is no single best way to trade Forex but the tips above will help you formulate an FX trading strategy which can help you get the odds on your side and make money.

There is no short cut to currency trading success but as you can see from our summary of how to trade currencies, anyone has the potential to make learn and make money. While you have to make some effort to learn Forex trading online the right way, there is no other business venture which can reward you so highly for you efforts, as trading global currencies on the Internet from home.