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A Forex trend is simply defined in Forex as - a currency pair which features higher highs and lows ( an up trend) or lower highs and lower lows (a down trend) and you can see them on any currency chart. Of course a Forex trend is easy to spot and define going backwards but working out trends going forward is a little more difficult but if you can do it, then you can make some great profits. Lets look at Forex trends in more detail, see how and why they occur and how to  trade them for profits.

Forex Trends – Supply and d Human Psychology

Forex trends are a reflection of supply and demand but there also a reflection of human psychology.  Price rising of course indicates demand for the currency and when price is falling, no one really wants it. This is of course a statement of the obvious but in any rising or falling market, investors will push prices to far to the upside and to far to the downside as greed and fear come into play and then, these short term price spikes will fade.

The challenge for a speculator is therefore to try and get in on Trends and trade them for profit and there are various ways Forex traders trade trends:

Day Trading and Scalping

Day traders and scalpers look for trends in hourly or daily time periods but there looking for something which is not there – there are no trends which can be predicted because all short term volatility is random.

Swing Trading

As we noted earlier greed and fear will spike prices to far up or down from the main trend and the swing trader is interested in trading into these price spikes. A swing trader is looking for a short term to correct overbought or oversold levels.

Long Term Trend Following

The long term trend follower is not interested in trading every twist and turn of the market he wants to get in on and hold the long term trend and a look at any Forex chart shows you, the best Forex trends can last for many weeks, months or even years and yield huge profits.

The big currency trends reflect the economic cycle which sees these trends last a long time and while they are pretty obvious when looking back on a chart trading them going forward is more of a challenge but with the right education and a little practice, you could soon find yourself trading these big trends, for huge profits in just the 30 minutes a day – Let's look at how to make big profits from Forex trends in more detail

The Art of Trend Following Tips for Bigger Profits

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