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Forex Expert Advisors

Forex Expert Advisors are a term which is normally give to the vast amount of cheap Forex software sold online. Most of these systems give Forex trading a bad name. The hyped copy tells you that you can make a triple digit income with little or no draw down and all you have to do is pay a hundred dollars or so and make no effort – this however is fantasy these systems soon get turned to dust by the market.

So are there any profitable Forex Expert Advisors?

The answer is there are and if you are buying one, make sure that you have an audited track record of real time performance. If you look at most Forex robots and Expert Advisors sold all they do is produce simulations in hindsight and of course this is so easy, a child could do it but when these systems get traded forward, they all lose money.

On this page you can click on the right and get a Free Forex Expert Advisor and not only do you have to pay nothing to use this trading system, you will have the comfort of knowing that - it has made great gains for over 25 years and has been used by some of the world's top traders.

The system is called the 4 Week Rule and was devised by a trading Legend Richard Donchian, who is seen as the grandfather of modern trend following. While it is simple and only has one rule it makes a lot of money longer term and is based on catching long term trends via breakouts which is a timeless way to make money.

The system does have periods of draw down but if you trade it with discipline and look at your results over the longer term, you will find it makes great Forex profits. It's rule is so simple you can do it in your head but if you want to program it into a system, you can use the Forex Tester software which is advertised on this page. This software allows you to build and test any strategy you want and see how it would perform.

If you are looking for a profitable Forex Expert Advisor the best Forex Expert Advisor is actually free in our view, it's not often you get something free which makes money but the 4 Week Rule is such a system and if you look at it and the logic its based on, you will see why it has been making professional Forex Traders, profits for over 25 Years and will continue to be one of the most profitable Forex trading systems you can use.