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Forex Trading Tools

What Forex trading tools do you need to be successful?

Many traders think that Forex trading is complicated and you need complex software to win - but this is simply not true. Forex trading is essentially simple and simple Forex trading strategies work best, as they are more robust than complex ones, with fewer elements to break. If you complicate your Forex trading strategy, it will not increase your odds of success! Don't make Forex trading any more complicated than it needs to be.

The essential Forex trading tools you need to get started are simply an internet connection and a good chart service. You can get some great ones for free and we recommend:

On a chart service such as the above you will not only get regular price information but also a number of technical indicators, you can use to help you time your trading signals better. If you use bar charts and few technical indicators, you will have a robust Forex trading strategy you can use, to make some great Forex trading profits.

Don't be tempted to use any of the cheap Forex trading robots or Forex Expert Advisors sold online - because if you do, you will lose money. These systems promise you a huge income for life, with no effort and all you have to pay is a hundred dollars or so! It looks to good to be true and it is! These systems don't work. If they did, 95% of traders wouldn't lose money so pass them by.

If you want a Free Forex trading system, that works, simply go to the Free info section of this site and you can download a trading signal which has made money for over 25 years and will continue to do so.

Do You Want to test Your Forex Trading strategies?

Yes you probably do and you can of course do this in a demo account before you actually trade but the problem with a demo account, is that it only let's you test forward and as any trading system needs to be tested over years of data, this is not time efficient.

On this site you will find Forex Trading Software which allows you to test years of data in minutes! You can test any combination of Forex trading indicators you wish and see how they would have performed. This Forex trading tool is an affordable and powerful, piece of software which can enhance your overall profitability and we recommend it to any trader, novice or pro.

Our own view is that Forex trading should be simple and you don't need to many Forex trading tools to make money. You can get many free and others, like the Forex trading software above come at a minimal cost.

If you want to win at Forex trading you can, in fact anyone can and with the Forex trading tools on this page and a good Forex education, you could soon be enjoying Forex trading success in around 30 minutes a day or less.