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Automated Forex Trading

Automated Forex trading systems are the choice of most new traders but the problem is they misunderstand how it should be done – let’s look at how to get the right system and do it properly and make big long term Forex profits, in around 30 minutes a day or less.  

What NOT to do!

You will see a lot of so called Forex Expert Advisors and Forex Robots that cost a few hundred dollars or less and claim they can give you a regular huge income with no effort and they make claims like the following:

  1. Double your money each month
  2. Predict price changes in advance
  3. Trade with drawdown of under 1%
  4. Experience short drawdown periods

Now anyone who has traded Forex, knows the above statements are simply not true and if they were, you would have a better track record from a cheap piece of software, than the world’s top fund managers make and they earn multi million dollar salaries! Of course no bank, brokerage or investment house has yet sacked there expensive dealing teams and replaced them, with these cheap pieces of software and the reason is obvious.

It’s no surprise to learn that these so called Expert Advisors don’t make the gains they claim. All they show as evidence of their gains are back tested simulations or figures from the vendor, you’re supposed to believe without any independent verification.

Anyone can claim anything but you have to produce the evidence and these systems never do. If you could really make a huge income for paying the cost of a night out, everyone would be trading and wouldn’t bother to work.

If you look at any of these systems there based on flawed logic the algorithm is simple (not complex as most vendors claim) the system trades too often and money management is non existent – the result? The user loses his equity quickly.

Automated Forex trading systems however can give you long term gains but you must understand what to expect from them.

What You need to Do to Make Money with Forex Trading Software

First, choose a trading system which has a real time track record of at least two years which can be independently verified. It doesn’t guarantee it will make you profits but its nice to know the logic is soundly based and you have proof of its profit making ability.

Generally the best Forex trading systems will give you an annual compound gain of 50 – 100% and the drawdown will tend to be sharper the higher the gain is. You can typically expect a drawdown of somewhere between 20 – 50% from peak equity at some point and the drawdown period will be a minimum of a few weeks.

The important point to keep in mind about automated Forex trading is that its long term. You must stick with your system and trade it with discipline through losing periods.

To trade with discipline, you must know how and why your system works, so you can have the confidence to trade it through periods of drawdown until you hit a home run of profits.

If you forget the sure fire beat the market systems and find a trading system which has a real track record of gains and trade it longer term, with confidence and discipline, you can enjoy currency trading success in around 30 minutes a day.

An Automated Forex Trading System Which Has Made Millions in Porfit!

The Turtle trading experiment is one of the most famous of all time, when multi millionaire commodity trader Richard Dennis, gave a group of novices a system he had devised and they went onto make several hundred million dollars with it. These same rules are now available in robot form and the system comes at an affordable price and you can ever read all the logic and rules before you buy it – Check out the full review of the system Here.